Under My Skin Podcast v4.0: Episode 5

This week, the war with the squirrels continues with the squirrels still finding ways in through the soffits and holes they’ve chewed to access the attic. There’s also a new maQLu compilation/album “Odds and Ends” and I insist the INXS poster I just bought is to cover my electrical panel and totally not to summon the ghost of Michael Hutchence to my boudoir.

In other news, Governor Cuomo explains his sexual harassment allegations as just joking around, Pete Townsend is happy to cash in on his past glory, Tom Morello used to be a stripper with a makeshift hot tub in his living room, and my brother and I disagree as to which kind of blow(ing) U2’s “The Real Thing” is about.

Plus a quiz about dance and a story about a silver platter tucked under the rack gear in a recording studio.