Under My Skin Podcast v4.0: Episode 2

This week I’ve been updating my blog and a few other places, which leads to me talking about when my site got hacked in 2019. I also reminisce on the time my mom found an interview with the degenerates in Faster Pussycat and I got yelled at for liking their music (granted, I had no business listening to FP at the age I was!), complain about how the squirrels are conspiring to disrupt my sleep, and notice Mick Jagger’s comedic Doppelgänger.

Also: the latest news/scandal about Marilyn Manson leads to a story the late, great metal producer Bill Kennedy told me and a few friends 10 years about about some shitty shit MM did in the 90s. And a review of John Taylor’s autobiography—and the kinda weird pacing towards the end of it—leads to a tangent about Atlas Shrugged’s weirdly abrupt ending and the typical three-act story structure in films.

Plus: chatting with my brother about what the Amazon algorithm thinks I’ve been up to based on some recent Irish-related purchases.