Under My Skin Podcast #71

This week: Slash plays the national anthem with some band geeks; Richard Fortus gets along great with the guy who signs his paycheques; Kiss turn their own damn noise down with an acoustic set; the Pope releases a prog rock album, sorta; Compressorhead needs a robo-singer, T-Pain need not apply; David Lee Roth’s surprise reunion with his old solo band gets squashed by the fire marshalls; some dude Pyra’s never heard of gets his Mötleys confused and calls Nikki Sixx a fat has-been; and Skid Row just aren’t comfortable with Sebastian Bach, OK?

Also: how to fall off a chair while looking like you meant to do that and other lap dance class foibles; Pyra theoretically learns to twerk; Pyra goes to the Comedy Shocker and The Vampire Bats at the Rickshaw; and Rolling Stone claims psychedelic microdosing is the latest business performance boosting trend, fact checking be damned!