Under My Skin Podcast #70

This week, Dave Mustaine is looking to sell his house to “the right buyer” (real estate speak for “full price or f— off!”), 1969 Velvet Underground concerts get released, the Foo Fighters have a free EP that they didn’t even force you to download, Foreigner announce tour dates and skip Paris, Duff McKagan talks funk groove jamming, and Great White rise from the ashes to start working on another new album.

Also, Pyra chats about seeing Public Image Ltd. live and complains about the anachronistic anti-Christian songs and Johnny’s jazz improv rhythm stylings (side note: wrong rhythms make Pyra’s skin crawl). She also waxes rhapsodic about the wonders of stripper heels and rambles on about the importance of musical cross-fertilization.

Plus: “technical difficulties” is a funny way to spell “Pyra screwed up” and six months is amazingly efficient for bureaucrats.