Under My Skin Podcast #65

This week Pyra spews bile about the recent Canadian election results (Yay PM Retard Hair!), discusses where she fits with the 5 love languages, shops too much, and wonders who best to put down as an emergency contact for hooker dancing class.

Also, Tommy Lee needs to let the groupies handle his equipment for him, Vince Neil will be playing casinos after the final Mötley Crüe tour is over, Joe Perry is working on a new solo album, Warrant might do another album, Cannibal Corpse have their own beer brand, Scorpions suck at either show logistics planning or creative excuse-making, and the worst-kept secret in the world gets a little worst-kept with rumors of a reunited Guns N Roses show to be held in Lisbon next year.

Plus: Pyra gets an accidental freebie for her birthday.