Under My Skin Podcast #48

This week, Pyra complains about tabata class & software Saturdays; cops are more popular than the press in ‘Murica; self-driving cars may be programmed to kill their occupants sometimes; weight loss surgery brings couples closer; and Sammy Hagar vs. Van Halen.

Also: university bulletin boards complain about “heterosexual privilege” while ISIS encourages studying with sex slave prizes; feminists oppose the female version of Viagra; Gene Simmons is right about fans, free music, and screwing over the next Elvis; and Pyra goes off on a tangent on the old record labels as venture capital system and the loss of curation to separate signal from noise.

And: Cinderella’s not up to anything new; Mike Tramp from White Lion has a new solo album out this summer; and some old news about DJ Ashba and Bumblefoot, plus one of Pyra’s friends’ true feelings about Ashba’s hat.