Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #42

This week’s rants include the ACLU pushing for investigations into why most movie and TV directors are male, how flakes and hacks tend to assume the deck is stacked against them, get off your ass and do it yourself on the internet if the system is so awful, Meghan Trainor’s retard-o-tunes “All About That Bass” and the much-worse “Dear Future Husband” anthem for entitled c*nts, and complaining about complaints about link spamming for a free educational podcast.

Also: a woman in New Zealand survives a day in the woods on her own breast milk, Extreme is working on new songs, Poison’s Bret and CC used to beat the sh*t out of each (someone’s gotta do it!), Slash says never say never to a GNR reunion, and a ton of Pyra’s stupid Twitter hashtag posts from the week.