Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #40

On this week’s show, Pyra and her stuffy sinuses mock some random news stories involving braindead journalists and campus crazies. Plus: a Libyan criminal adopts the British passtime of alcoholism and thus is allowed to stay in the UK; some notes about how a Mirena IUD insertion sucks but chocolate covered almonds have the mystical power to make everything better; 420 hits Vancouver’s ERs & Pyra rants re: weed vs. booze; DJ Ashba says GNR is merely on hiatus; changes to eBay’s home page make Pyra have to put in more effort to piss away her money on rock memorabilia crapola; and sadly, a hilarious story about a woman vet fucking a walrus turns out to be fake.

Also, this week’s dumb ass Tweets, a recap of Pyra’s latest open mic set, and more.

UPDATE: After recording this podcast, Pyra’s eBay feed seems to have returned. Not likely that her complaints did anything, so it must have been a temporary glitch. Oh well. Fast forward through that section.