Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #38

Once again from the jerry-rigged Pro Tools station in Pyra’s bedroom, this week’s show has Pyra getting offered a rubber leaving a comedy open mic, ranting about some dumb ass “university” bans the Vagina Monologues for not including transsexuals, getting a brilliant insight as to why MTV and MuchMusic stopped playing music programming, and bitching about some self-righteous douchebag on her Facebook trying to tell her what to think. Side notes about: Paul Ryan has a nice ass for a politician, bathroom graffiti, & dude names turned into chick names like Courtney, Stacy, & Traci.

Also, Skid Row has a new singer and Pyra has a new Alzheimer’s joke, updates on boring school shit, and VeinViewer: what junkies have been dreaming about for decades is finally here!

And Pyra reads some of her favorites of the dumb tweets she made this week.