Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #37

Live from the jerry-rigged ProTools set up in Pyra’s bedroom at Castle Draculea, this week’s super-extended show has Pyra ranting about some dude sending her a semi-nude pic, psycho activist losers with nothing better to do with their lives than shit on people’s livelihoods that have nothing to do with them, douchebags who want to live downtown to be cool without any of the noise or activity of living downtown, and City Hall.

She also tells us about the crazy vegan feminist who sees a connection between dairy and rape, muses about “junkie face”, reports on Steven Adler’s new hobby, and jokes about fat chicks blaming the patriarchy before dropping a [heavily edited] rant about the imminent end of her radio show, The Vampire’s Ball, at the end of April and what sort of more productive and rewarding things she plans to spend those 8 hours a week doing instead.

Also, some Twitter highlights about tombstones and exes.