Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #35

This week, Pyra and her congested sinuses tell us about catching Jason Rouse’s warm-up show on Thursday at Yuk Yuk’s and the loud-mouthed twats who talked throughout it. Then Pyra spews on crazy feminists who think chopping their tits off to spite men is a cool idea (with a side rant on “nullo”), spots a pickup truck blowjob in a full parking lot, and meets a friendly crackhead (or methhead or possibly both) at work.

Also, Elton John gets a hair up his ass about Dolce & Gabbana daring to having opinions he doesn’t like, Pyra has a pet theory on how reggae came to be invented, and she reads us some of her favorite Tweets of the week.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #34

This week Pyra talks about an impromptu set where she did a rough version of her “rock n roll rebel turned dorky dad” bit, then ponders Steak and Blowjob Day as well as whether you need proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation in sexting.

She also wonders how Martha Stewart would send a XXX message and jokes about Poison, Johnny Thunders, and heroin before reporting on Doro Pesch talking about being a chick in the metal scene.

After that, we hear some of Pyra’s favorites from the various dumb Tweets she made this week.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #33

This week, Pyra’s bookkeeping prof tells tales of drug dealers filling out their taxes like legit businesses. We also get the final word on those 5 fake “super rare” Izzy solo CDs from eBay, then Pyra goes on about a news story—just in time for International Women’s Day—about a chick getting kicked out of her gym after objecting to a dude in the women’s changeroom. Oh well, IWD is BS anyway.

In other news, Pyra’s back to work, and we get some highlights from her Twitter hashtag posts of the week, along with discussion of the other kind of wet dream and also Dubai porta-potties.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #32

This week’s show kicks off with some tips on chemistry and love via a couple Leil Lowndes books Pyra may or may not be reading. We then hear about Pyra’s inability to use peoples’ names, or listen, or otherwise behave in a civilized manner, as well as an embarrassing but wholly imaginary situation that makes Pyra wonder if groupies ever call rock stars by the wrong name in bed.

Pyra also discovers a half-written book on her laptop that she completely forgot she wrote, and is writing another book bit by bit by yelling the stories at Siri, who rarely has any clue what Pyra’s talking about.

Other topics: dudes who keep inserting their dicks into the conversation, Pyra can’t stay out of Forever 21, and an eBay update.