Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #28

This week Pyra has some new video stuff updates, then gets into bitching and moaning and whining about losing out on an eBay auction for a rare Izzy Stradlin CD. Fingers crossed to win 3 other auctions for more of the same.

After that, Pyra riffs on the Greg Gutfield/Marilyn Manson & fans Twitter tussle and mocks how Marilyn Manson has become the Great White Whale and how he should stick to fighting his cholesterol these days.

She also talks about guitar dudes as the male equivalent to beauty queens, inane chatter from bimbos in class, and gives an update on the work wellness challenge and speculates about some of the highly implausible step counts going around.

Side ramblings on obsessed ugly NIN fan girls, a ditz unfriends Pyra when Pyra calls her on her bullshit.