Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #27

This week’s show finds Pyra in the midst of uploading the new maQLu album for digital distribution and bitching and moaning about the whole process, including having to mark songs as either “clean” or “explicit.”

Pyra also tells us yet another reason why she’s going to Hell, gives us a vital quilting project update, and relates how and why Steveston Village is so creepy after dark.

The show wraps up with the jam space wifi crapping out and Pyra troubleshooting that upload live during the taping of this podcast. Exciting shit.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #26

This week Pyra whines about her hectic schedule of extra work shifts, school, comedy stuff, and being behind on work for the new maQLu release.

She also updates us on 24 Hours of Radio Art, then rants about “inclusive language,” such as what the best gender-neutral euphemism for masturbation is.

She then tells us about her workplace’s “wellness challenge” and how her iPhone wants to autocorrect “pedometer” to “pedophile.”

Other ramblings include rock ‘n’ roll rebel guys turning into dorky dads and the mall ‘tards forgot to remove the security tag from a hoodie she bought last week.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #25

This week Pyra updates us on her New Year’s resolutions, including her resolution to sit and fidget for 13 minutes a night. She also talks about the upcoming 24 Hours of Radio Art on CiTR Radio this weekend and breathes a sigh of relief that her piece for it is now complete.

Bookkeeper courses have now begun! In other news, Pyra is dithering on whether to switch over to accounting next term. Same difference but not quite.

She also inserts her spiel on the Charlie Hebdo massacre from last week’s episode of the Vampire’s Ball and then moves on to lighter fare like getting her armpit and leg hair lasered off, signs she’s a slut [or not], and New Year’s Eve lameness.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #24

Pyra’s getting over a cold and her brain is as fuzzy as her throat is scratchy, nonetheless she tells us about being stuck in video editing Hell, some of the stuff she has to wrap up for the new maQLu album like trying to figure out what it sounds like and how much she loathes hype and bio-writing.

She also muses about how many albums actually are a “sonic masterpiece” versus how many hacks claim theirs are, the upcoming 24 Hours of Radio Art on CiTR Radio, her next comedy set at La Fontana on January 14, knitting Fair Isle mittens that may or may not be finished before spring arrives, and getting her tattoos zapped yet again.

Also, Facebook wants Pyra to annoy her favorite guitar dude by spamming her maQLu page at him.