Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #13

In this lucky #13 episode, Pyra tells of her brush with death last year on an afternoon out kayaking, gives a progress report on the mixing of the new maQLu album, and some vital quilting and knitting project updates.

In other news, Pyra’s actually got a job, a sure sign of the coming apocalypse if there ever was one. Which leads her to wondering about rocks stars singing songs about being working stiffs.

Also, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving. Pyra muses on vegans getting preachy and why they feel the need to make vegetarian/vegan substitutes for things they claim to not miss eating.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #12

This week’s episode starts off Pyra explaining why she usually says “Coca-cola” instead of “Coke” and musing on trying to figure out good references for a retail job interview. She also gives an imaginary reference from one of the [unnamed] producers she used to sometimes work with wherein he laments that she can’t roll a joint but admits she never screwed up a burger run.

After that there’s a short report on the week’s bellydance and ballet classes and then Pyra launches into a spiel about an event she worked at over the weekend with incidents involving inappropriate language choices and Pyra sort-of living out part of an old Louis CK episode. Side notes on young guys getting upset that chicks prefer older men as well as thoughts on the continuity of musical culture with older generations but there seems to be a break with younger kids.

The show wraps up with an infuriating parking lot incident and an update on mixing the new maQLu album.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #11

As promised at the end of the last episode, Pyra spends this bonus episode going off on a catty rant about burlesque dancers in rock shows and why they suck. Side tangents on other things that suck during rock shows, the whole must-make-it-an-Eventâ„¢ attitude, and how if your attendance is poor maybe you’re just terrible and should focus on making better music instead of using cheap gimmicks to get attention.

She also gets into her standard rebuttal to people telling her she should have male strippers during maQLu shows to “even things out,” complains about Chippendales dancers and firefighter calendars, and wonders why so many burlesque dancers have smaller tits than some of her ex-boyfriends.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #10

This week the newly semi-blonde Pyra blathers about blonde dye jobs, a particularly disastrous bleach mishap of the past, and goes on a little tangent about which hair color brings out which ethnicity in her before ranting about one of the local swimming pools’ icky hairball infestation. She also talks about replacing inadequate facilities with more of the same instead of taking the opportunity to expand capacity and other pool users’ annoying habits, then digresses to ballet shoe sizing.

Then she riffs on a progress report on the mixing of the new maQLu album, methodology, etc., hints at a new electronic project to come in 2015, and wraps up with an anecdote about form over function when trying to play the blues on a Gibson ES-175 when you have short fingers.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #9

This week Pyra fills us in on the Alonzo Bodden show at Yuk Yuk’s over the weekend (including a report on how awesome the pizza at Yuk Yuk’s is!) and an update on finishing the tracking on the new maQLu album and needing to get started on the mixing.

Then she goes on a tear about the asinine “real names only” policy at Facebook and the week’s issue with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy getting narc’d on for not using his real name. And now “first world problems!” is the new “STFU!”

Also included are a trip to the gynecologist’s office, where even the 2 year olds in the waiting room are insulted by the kiddie TV programming, and a super important vital update on the state of her current quilting projects.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #8

In this week’s show Pyra relates the memory of a crappy opening act with a bad attitude before going another round about the U2 album, which is still trying to download itself into her queue, which reminds her of a great old National Film Board of Canada cartoon.

She also talks about a hilarious talk on Africa and the aid industry she found on YouTube before talking about her first ballet class in 18 years, leotards and ballet shoes that don’t fit right, and wraps up the show with some vital quilting updates and why the stupid moustache graphic fad is finally dying.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #7

This bonus episode is all about Pyra spewing bile in a 7 point list about that U2 album forcefed onto everyone’s iTunes and why it can rot in Hell.

Side tangents on the myth that “everybody likes U2” is not borne out by RIAA sales statistics, the RIAA’s top selling artists [hint: U2’s not near the top of that list!], music as related to personal core identity, internet security and slippery slopes, Nickelback, why physical music media like CDs and vinyl are awesome, how much her brother hates Van Hagar and post-black album Metallica, which members of Guns N Roses are and are not welcome to personally deliver new music into Pyra’s boudoir, and a certain Mr. Prissy Pants gets upset about Pyra hoping Bono gets ebola.

Bonus fun: after recording this episode, Pyra opened up her iTunes and guess what started to download itself into her library yet AGAIN?

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #6

This time around Pyra expounds on the drunk dude hitting on her friend at the final Stiff Valentine show over the weekend and gives a vital update on the old IKEA dressers situation before launching in the saga of her three pin up boy tattoos: from their inception and inspiration through getting sick of having them through the years of procrastinating about getting rid of them through a blow by blow description of the laser tattoo removal process and how the fading process is going.

She also gets into side blurbs about when Nine Inch Nails was only just starting to suck, being loyal to type and what the type is.

And we have some hot sexy quilt talk and the latest installation in the Johnny Thunders eBay poster saga [hint: one of them might be as “M.I.A.” as Johnny’s baby in the old song…]

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #5

In this week’s episode, Pyra blathers about feeling tired, buying Johnny Thunders posters etc., her new video series involving a silly music trivia game, getting her upper lip and armpit hair zapped, wondering whether you’re supposed to tip the technicians at a dermatologist’s clinic, and the saga of the eyeball freckle before launching into a rant about “kids these days”.

More specifically: drunk retards on campus, giant stuffed bunny teddy bears, sparkly rewards, crappy arts & crafts, trigger warnings for displays that agree with the activists who insist on the trigger warnings, and how old timey frat house antics were far superior.

She also squawks about annoying TV commercials and the bestest Buckcherry song ever.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #4

Long episode this week, in which Pyra rants about old Johnny thunders pics, breaking a pick in the middle of shooting a video blog, the inspiration behind “Lucky Paw,” narcissists who must state the obvious and irrelevant just to inject themselves into a discussion, and then there’s the mega rant on IQ.

More specifically: most people think they’re smarter than average, chicks who think guys should lust after their brains instead of their looks, remedial reading for sixth graders, and husband hunting as compared to catching a great white shark.

The show then wraps up with a little riffing on the idea of mail order clone husbands.

To see those Johnny Thunders pics: http://www.maqlu.com/2014/08/when-sexy-pin-up-shots-go-horribly-wrong/