Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #23

Last show of 2014 kicks off with Pyra explaining why there was no show last week and telling us about her Christmas knitting.

Moving on, we get the tale of the Shrinky Dinks Shrew and why Pyra is definitely not the most pathetic spinster in town as well as a 2014 recap of whatever random incidents come to mind before wrapping up with some 2015 resolutions.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #22

This week’s show kicks off with a recap of Pyra’s Yuk Yuk’s set from last week, including audio of the set, and a couple upcoming project notes. Pyra then starts ranting about Rolling Stone’s BS UVa rape story and broads bitching about rape stories not being believed yet watering the term down to include any unwanted flirting and insisting this story was accurate even if it wasn’t true and then not seeing how that kind of wolf-crying leads to a lack of belief in accusations.

Pyra also laments being left out of all the raping frenzy. Maybe after she hits the gym more in 2015 she’ll get some hot guys wanting to impose themselves on her?

She then wraps the show up with a gross story involving a menstrual mishap at work.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #21

This week, Pyra bitches about her screwed up back and hip and job and life, along with the stupid reason why she can’t quit her job. She then tells us about her first ever acupuncture appointment and updates us on the FrogBoy and eBay situation, tweaks to her Yuk Yuk’s set, and why even a “dead on the Internet” Axl Rose still has to pay taxes before going into a rant about poverty, IQ, choices, examples from both sides of her family, and tells the story of a family friend who survived Auschwitz.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #20

This week, Pyra bitches about winter coming to Vancouver, inappropriate workplace music [“In my day we listened to nice filthy songs…”], and wonders what’s up with all the Santa’s belt buckle decorations this year.

She also gives pointers on the proper way to shirk at work, laughs at the CBC reporting on their own handling of the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, updates us on the new maQLu album and plans for CiTR’s 24 Hours of Radio Art next month, and rants about the eBay annoyance of the week.