Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #19

Now with 50% more Vince Neil bashing as Pyra reviews the recent sold out Mötley Crüe show in Vancouver. That said, no matter how awful Vince Neil is, Mötley Crüe is still a far superior live to Nine Inch Nails [75% more NIN bashing!].

Pyra also gets you up to date with the latest gossip from the 1980s and Metal Sludge reviews of rock stars’ sexual performances, then explains why hostility better than indifference with a story about Lisa Lampanelli destroying a heckler in Vancouver last month.

She also laments having no volunteers to lug her crap to LA with her, talks about a creepy dream she had and how she possibly got mistaken for having made wiser career choices.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #18

This week Pyra the spinster tries to make sense of strange items in the wedding supplies aisle like unity sand, discusses the care and housing of a guitar dude husband, speculates on if Carrie worked in retail using her telekinesis for stocking shifts, and wonders if the upcoming amnesty executive order might be her ticket to weaselling her way into cheap Los Angeles real estate.

Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #17

This week Pyra plugs her upcoming showcase at the Vancouver Yuk Yuk’s Dec 9 with the rest of her stand up comedy class and tells some stories/jokes about her crazy relatives including who her grandmother’s favorite pinup boy is.

She then talks about her tastes in porn, Tommy Lee, the crazy cucumber lady at Superstore, and her not-so-sordid Friday night which included the pick up line “You love them, I want you to love me too…”

She wraps the show up talking about trying to decide on a wreath for Castle Draculea, chasing after a silver star that might not have ever existed, and wondering what to cook for a vegetarian guy and if “vegan cookies” are simply made from cardboard sprinkled in sugar.


Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #16

In this week’s episode, Pyra explains why Halloween was a bust at Castle Draculea and talks about being sleep deprived both now and at an old studio session.

She chats about long term day job options, lamenting that she’s probably no longer trophy wife material. But if she can learn to type well, it’s not too late to become an office bimbo.

Pyra then goes off on scrapbookers trying to be rock and roll, whether or not there are divorce celebration stickers, and the story of Little Jeffrey and his scrapbooking mommy before suggesting an alternative to Movember and plugging this week’s The Zamo the Destroyer Show.