Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #12

This week’s episode starts off Pyra explaining why she usually says “Coca-cola” instead of “Coke” and musing on trying to figure out good references for a retail job interview. She also gives an imaginary reference from one of the [unnamed] producers she used to sometimes work with wherein he laments that she can’t roll a joint but admits she never screwed up a burger run.

After that there’s a short report on the week’s bellydance and ballet classes and then Pyra launches into a spiel about an event she worked at over the weekend with incidents involving inappropriate language choices and Pyra sort-of living out part of an old Louis CK episode. Side notes on young guys getting upset that chicks prefer older men as well as thoughts on the continuity of musical culture with older generations but there seems to be a break with younger kids.

The show wraps up with an infuriating parking lot incident and an update on mixing the new maQLu album.