Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #7

This bonus episode is all about Pyra spewing bile in a 7 point list about that U2 album forcefed onto everyone’s iTunes and why it can rot in Hell.

Side tangents on the myth that “everybody likes U2” is not borne out by RIAA sales statistics, the RIAA’s top selling artists [hint: U2’s not near the top of that list!], music as related to personal core identity, internet security and slippery slopes, Nickelback, why physical music media like CDs and vinyl are awesome, how much her brother hates Van Hagar and post-black album Metallica, which members of Guns N Roses are and are not welcome to personally deliver new music into Pyra’s boudoir, and a certain Mr. Prissy Pants gets upset about Pyra hoping Bono gets ebola.

Bonus fun: after recording this episode, Pyra opened up her iTunes and guess what started to download itself into her library yet AGAIN?