Under My Skin Podcast: Episode #4

Long episode this week, in which Pyra rants about old Johnny thunders pics, breaking a pick in the middle of shooting a video blog, the inspiration behind “Lucky Paw,” narcissists who must state the obvious and irrelevant just to inject themselves into a discussion, and then there’s the mega rant on IQ.

More specifically: most people think they’re smarter than average, chicks who think guys should lust after their brains instead of their looks, remedial reading for sixth graders, and husband hunting as compared to catching a great white shark.

The show then wraps up with a little riffing on the idea of mail order clone husbands.

To see those Johnny Thunders pics: http://www.maqlu.com/2014/08/when-sexy-pin-up-shots-go-horribly-wrong/